Raglan @ Gentlemans hours

Went for a look out west yesterday.



Conditions were predicted to be a bit average so I thought we would try and get out of Manu Bay assessing the conditions as we went.

There was a fair amount of swell rolling in but with next to no wind, I felt comfortable enough to proceed on to around the 60m mark, before putting out three tuna lures and trolling them at ten knots.

Today we ran a Black and Purple Zuker ZG14, Brown and White Zuker ZF9 and a Black Magic Jetsetter in Bleeding Pilchard colours.


We were underway for about 10 mins and we were on. A small Albacore Tuna was welcomed aboard, caught on the Black/Purple.

A good start as these delicious eating fish are always a  welcome catch!

As the sea was glassy and kind we continued to troll west. We picked up another tuna shortly after. This time a nice size Skipjack Tuna was hoisted aboard. This pattern continued and we caught another tuna every ten to fifteen minutes, every lure caught at least one Tuna. At the 80m mark I set the Marlin lures and slowed down the boat speed to 7 knots.


We eventually made it out to about 120m and with our late start the day was drawing to an end, so we pointed the bow east had trolled home.

In about 100m we came across Skipjack Tuna on the surface. I’m not sure if they were feeding or being harassed so I decided to work the area for a while. Well the Tuna went down not to be seen again so after an hour or so we headed east again. In 100m we got our best water temperature for the day of 24°C.

100m mark straight out from Manu Bay, Raglan 18/02/2017


As the day was drawing to an end, we had an hour steam home and we wanted to try for a quick Snapper for dinner, I cleared the gear and put the hammer down. First we tried 42m for Snapper, we got one keeper and a few small ones were returned. Pulled anchor and headed to 35m were we got two more keepers, a Gurnard and a Jack Mackerel. The sun was almost down so made way back to the ramp. It got interesting when putting the boat back on the trailer when a big set of waves came through, I had to negotiate through them back out into the bay as I was worried about one breaking over the bow!!

A great way to spend an afternoon in pursuit of the elusive Marlin!




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